Sunday, June 17, 2012

summertime, and the livin' is easy ...

… and the projects are peasy …

Like these summertime-and-the-livin’-is-easy-and-peasy project ideas that start with some thrift store and yard sale glass and porcelain-ware …

Tea mug using sharpy and microwave to set marker for washing ...

Anthro inspired glasses

Some mason jar candle ambiance ...

* Flower Hill Design *: {Tutorial} Outdoor Bamboo Candles

~ Linda

Monday, May 28, 2012

going to the dogs

One of the many DIY blogs I like to visit, Perfectly Imperfect, revealed their dining room redesign last fall ...

Source: Perfectly Imperfect
And I was immediately drawn to the white, brown, and ebony/espresso color pallet used in the room. There’s something familiar and comforting and warm about this combination.

It’s a color template that works great regardless of whether you prefer a light backdrop …

Source: Ikea
… or dark.

dining room.shelterblog

It looks great with country décor …


… and modern décor alike …


… and yet, I still can’t put my finger on that nagging familiar feeling it evokes …

What I love the most:  a white, brown, and ebony/espresso foundation sets the perfect stage for color – and I definitely crave color in my home.

The addition can be varied and subtle …

Source: Ikea
… or singular and bold …


… or (as my home redesign will most likely skew) much more saturated …

Source: Ikea
And then it hits me why a white, brown, and ebony/espresso room décor combination is so very comforting and familiar:


Curled up next to me all this time is my design inspiration: Ernie the tri-colored beagle.

See how wonderfully he coordinates with both blues and reds? I may need to pose him against some different colored throws and pillows as I redo each room … I wonder if I can bring him into the Home Goods store?

It’s official. I’m letting our home go to the dogs.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

yardstick yearnings

I need yardsticks (as in plural) in my home ...

Source:  Corner House Blog

I need them glued to my furniture  like this ... 

Here’s the before …

Yardstick Yearnings before

… and the after …

Yardstick Yearnings After
Source:  Corner House Blog

Seriously gives you a new way to look at yard sale and thrift store furniture, right?  Or even that not-so-loved piece you inherited years ago from a relative ...

And there’s even more creative ways these crazy talented home décor bloggers have been using yardsticks, of all things ….

Source:  Country Living

I need yardsticks in my home.  I need to find them. And stain them. And glue them to furniture and stairs and walls …

This project should be cheap, cheap, cheap.

If I can’t find vintage yardsticks, I can always buy new ones from Home Depot and Lowes and the teacher supply store located not too far from me for like $1 per.  Then I can distress them and sand them and stain them various shades of brown …. and in the end they’ll look old.

Then I’ll just need my miter box for cuts … and some liquid nails to affix … and maybe some poly or furniture wax to finish it off.

I have two potential victims in mind …

Yardstick Yearnings Victim #1 (550x413) (2)

This side table is a piece Mike inherited from his family.  It lives in our living room and I had planned to paint it black and distress it a bit when remodeling this area of the house.  But now I think it might also need a yardstick drawer and sides … and maybe a yardstick bottom shelf too.  The current one is in pretty poor shape.

Yardstick Yearnings Victim #2 (550x413)-1 (2)

This side table in our bedroom is cheap and “matchy matchy” with the rest of the furniture. But with some yardsticks glued on the top and the shelves (which need a little tlc), it could be something really fun and different ….

Sigh.  My “to do” list just got a whole lot longer …

Friday, April 27, 2012

put a cork in it

 Ten reasons to drink more wine ...

1. Wine Cork Cork Board

2. Wine Cork Blackboard

3. Wine Cork Letters

Wine Cork Letter Z

4. Wine Cork Ornaments

Reindeer Christmas Ornament

5. Wine Cork Wreath

6. Wine Cork Wine Bottle Holder

cork wine holder

7. Wine Cork Magnets

Wine Cork Magnets DIY Royal Set of 7

8.  Wine Cork Backsplash

9. Wine Cork Wall Art

10. Wine Cork Floor

Wine-cork flooring (© Phoenix Commotion)

These and more can be found on my ‘Wine Cork Projects & Ideas’ Pinterest Board here

… and all the pictures featured here today are linked directly to their original sources …


Oh, and I couldn’t resist adding in an eleventh just for fun; this amazing wine cork giraffe sculpture …

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

pillow talk

I’ve got pillows on the brain.  Understandable since I’m currently working on my soon-to-be-open Etsy shop …

… as in I’m working furiously on getting it up and running next week …

And that Etsy shop will stock (shocker) pillows.  There’s so much inspiration that can be found online and on Pinterest that my head is literally swimming with ideas.

Like the uber popular Union Jack pillow designs …



This one is actually a canvas made of drop cloth and burlap but could easily translate into a pillow design …


I’m a bit number nutty so I’ll definitely be stocking a variation or two like these …



And of course there will be ruffles and rosettes …



I plan to include customized monogrammed pillows.  You know, standard transfer sheet options.  However, this button monogram has me seriously intrigued …


Finally, the big ticket item will be the elusive Pom Pillow …




P.S.  Just click on the pictures and you’ll be linked to the original sources.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

sugar high

My head is up in the clouds …

Clouds of marshmallows, that is …

Click pic for source

… and cupcakes …

Click pic for source

Maybe it’s a seasonal thing.  You  know Easter and candy and such …

Click pic for source

Or it could be because I’m on a self-imposed diet to try and lose weight …

Click pic for source

… so I have sweet dreams on the mind.

Click pic for source

I hope my kids eat their chocolate bunnies right away.  Otherwise, they may find ear-less bunnies waiting for them when they get home from school next week …